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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my little spot on the web. My name is Kim and I am hobbyist photographer in Austin, Texas. Yee-Haw!

I share my home with my husband, three crazy kids and one rescue dog. 

My photography mainly invloves my family, our friends and our life. I also have a passion for photographing animals. I volunteer my time photographing some of the dogs at my local county shelter--I love telling their story and showcasing their personalities to help them find their forever family. 


Had the opportunity to meet another sweetie available for adoption at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. His name is Reggie. He is nine and way past puppy stage. He was so calm and attentive when we were out and about. As a candidate for his Canine Good Citizen certificate–he has been working hard at all his manners-down, stay, sit, etc. He’s doing an excellent job. Oh and he also loves hot dogs!

For more information about him, you can see him here on the the Long Time Lovables facebook page. While you are there, you should like the page, if you haven’t already. It’s so great to see what all these dogs are capable of when just given a chance.



Saying YES!

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not much of a “YES” mom. I tend to always think of what will happen if they do whatever it is they are asking to do–like argue, get hurt, over stimulated, etc. Sometimes, the no is very much justified–like, NO, you may not put your sister in xyz and close the lid. But, other times, I could say YES and see what happens. This was that kind of day.

When we were in Houston with my dad a few weeks ago, on a whim, we drove to Galveston. We had ZERO beach wear and the weather was kind of yucky, but when they asked to play on the beach (and I’ll admit with Dan’s encouragement), I’m glad we said YES. They had so much fun getting wet, dirty and sandy. They had to drive back like that, but they had fun and found joy in being together and enjoying the foggy beach.









Maxwell, Chuck and Tommy

I have continued my work with the shelter this year photographing their Long TIme Lovables (dogs that have been at the shelter the longest time–most 180+). I really love getting to meet all these dogs and figuring out how we can showcase their personality in images. We’ve taken a few field trips too, which is so fun for the dogs–a car ride, special attention and a change of scenery. Just like for people, it’s good for their soul.

For more information about any of these dogs, please visit the Long Time Lovables facebook page.

And really, if you haven’t ever been out to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, I would encourage you do to so. Do you know that for years they have maintained a no kill status? That is down right amazing for a country shelter who takes all lost, sick, and abandoned animals. The staff and volunteers do amazing things with all the animals, not just the dogs. Drop off a donation, take a walk around and see for yourself what a wonderful place it is. Now, it doesn’t and it couldn’t ever replace a loving home, but they do best for these animals while they are in their care. And would you know that since April started the facebook page (the volunteer in charge) that six of the dogs we’ve photographed have been adopted or gone to a rescue?! I am so happy for the success that she is having.

Maxwell and Tommy (seen below) are actually working with a volunteer to obtain their Canine Good Citizen certificate while at the shelter. How awesome is that?

Please enjoy the cuties below.

Here is Maxwell. And I have to admit (for those that remember) he resembles my Frankie in his coloring. Maxwell is not a greyhound but man on man those black specs sure made me think of Frankie.



Next is Chuck. What a regal dude he is.


And this is Tommy. He got to spend time on the square in Georgetown. I think he had fun. Isn’t he handsome?!




Beauty in the Ordinary

There will come a time when my kids are no longer my primary subject matter in photography.  One of things I’d like to do this year is incorporate some non-children images into my work. It’s hard and I feel like I struggle with it, but I decided last week to set out and find some beauty in the ordinary. Here’s what I came up with.


2015 Here We Go {And Then We Snapped}

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to put the camera down. So I didn’t. And here I am starting my third year of shooting daily. I am still trying to decide how I am going to shoot this year, I feel like I have lots that I want to learn and so many resources to go through to continue on my little journey. BUT, I miss Tuesdays and my blog circle, so I will post with them as often as I can.

Here are the first few weeks of our 2015




This week, I link to, Charissa, of Charissa Lynn Photography. Be sure circle around to her and everyone else. You won’t be disappointed.

The Finale- Project 365

So here we are on the cusp of another new year and the conclusion of my second 365 Project. I feel less ceremonially about it this year than I did last year but I am so happy to have completed it. I did a much better job this year shooting less but am so grateful for the images I have. I can’t wait to see where next year takes me. Shooting everyday is a part of my life but I’m not sure I’ll commit myself to a true 365 project. Still haven’t decided. I have a list of books I’d like to read and would still like to continue working with the shelter.

Here are the last few days of our life in 2014. Happy New Year Everyone!




Project 365 { And Then We Snapped} this is it folks!

It’s hard to believe that this is my last {And Then We Snapped} blog post for the year. I am really so grateful that I joined this blog circle. I have met a lot of genuine, supportive, fun and talented people. It’s been one of my favorite things I’ve done for my photography this year. My friend Shelley invited me and I’m really glad she did. Please be sure to visit around the circle today.

This last post is filled with things we did to lead up to Christmas. I’ve got just a few images left to blog and that will round out me year. We spent time looking at lights, Elise spent more time in her bathing suit (YES, in December), our Elf looked pretty in our tree, we celebrated winter parties at school,  the boys tracked Santa, we picked out our family ornament, played arcade games, warmed our toes and had (mostly) a great time being together as a family since school has gotten out. And, my 365 wouldn’t be complete without one iPhone pic–proving the best camera is the one you have with you. I’ll let you decide which image it is. HA!


Today, I link to Ally at Allyson Wasmund Photography. Please be sure to check out her week, you will be glad you did!

Project 365 {And Then We Snapped}. The Busiest Time of the Year

The time between Thanksgiving and the New Year are always SO BUSY. The time just gets away from me. It’s Tuesday again and there are only 3 more blog circle days left this year. I can’t even believe another year has gone by. Between out of town guests and sick kids, I have been struggling to keep up.

I realized that I was missing a few images from over our Thanksgiving break so I’m including them here just to keep me on track. The mirror selfie was from a museum visit. The kids and adults loved that mirror maze. And Dan and I celebrated 12 years of marriage. I am grateful for the life we have built together.


The past two weeks have flown by. Enzo was star of the week at school and gets to bring home Blaze–the class mascot. We had to document their time together (I did disinfect Blaze before he want back to school since Enzo was sick most of his stay with us). We also had a visit from PePa, which is always delightful. We got our Christmas up and decorated. I love seeing all the handmade ornaments in my tree–perfectly imperfect and clearly shows how quickly the time goes by. We attempted some Christmas card pictures (also perfectly imperfect), went shoe shopping with Dan, jumped on a jumpy, took naps on the couch and got a big girl bed. Yes, I realize she’s well over 4. No judging. LOL. We’ve also been to see some Christmas lights. And on some days, Luca has been wearing his long white socks with shorts. I snapped that image just so we have documentation when in a few short years he might not think the long white socks with shorts are a cool idea.




This week, I’m linked to fellow Texas transplant, Nadeen. She’s always so inspiring to me. You won’t be disappointed.

Project 365 { And Then We Snapped}

I’m so excited to be back with my blog circle this week. Feels like it’s been too long.

The last few weeks have been busy and we enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving by taking a little trip to Oklahoma City to visit friends, to Dallas to visit the cousins and then spent Thanksgiving Day at home with a dear friend who came to town for a visit. Here are my last couple of weeks in a collage.

Please be sure to follow the link below and see what everyone else has been up to.



Now head on over and see what Erica (Erica E. Photography) and her beautiful family have been up to. I love to live vicariously through her cold weather pictures.

Long Time Loveables

A friend of mine that volunteers a lot of her time working with rescue animals asked me if I’d be willing to work on a project for the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter photographing their Long Time Loveables (animals that have been available for adoption for more than 30 days) Of course I said yes! As many of you know, we do adore animals here in the De Araujo house. Also, many of you know that rescuing dogs has always been near and dear to my heart–first with Rocket and Frankie and now Ranger. There are so many gems at the shelter just waiting for the right forever home. In some cases, it might take some time, but always, the right match comes along.

The latest dog that I had the privilege to meet is Jane. Jane is lucky enough to be living in a foster home learning the ropes on how to be a great pet. Adopting a dog that has been fostered can be a plus because as a new owner you can learn so much more about them right away and they have already spent time in a home learning how to live in a home.

For all my dog loving friends, meet Jane. Isn’t she adorable?! I know her perfect family is out there. I hope they find her soon!