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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my little spot on the web. My name is Kim and I am hobbyist photographer in Austin, Texas. Yee-Haw!

I share my home with my husband, three crazy kids and one rescue dog. 

My photography mainly invloves my family, our friends and our life. I also have a passion for photographing animals. I volunteer my time photographing some of the dogs at my local county shelter--I love telling their story and showcasing their personalities to help them find their forever family. 

Monthly Archives: February 2014

Annie and Kate…Running out of Time.

This past Friday, we attended the CD Release Party for Annie and Kate. These girls also happen to be our neighbors of nearly 7 years. We’ve watched these girls grow up and turn into not only talented songwriters and musicians, but also lovely young ladies. Their mama is also a photographer but she took the […]

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The days are long and the years are short

My dad tells me this all the time. I have a sign in my house with this saying. It’s never felt more true than today. The boy that made Dan and I parents turned 8 today. How did he get to be 8?! Our lives were forever changed the moment that he entered the world. […]

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We survived Valentine’s Day. It was quite the celebration. Each kid had a party at school, we ate heart shaped pizza for dinner and we made heart shaped cake pops! Whew. I was exhausted. Oh and we had to make boxes for them to use for their valentines at school. We also got haircuts, visited […]

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Our week

We had a half day fun day and got frozen yogurt, enjoyed some nice weather, took a couch nap, found baby leg warmers that we wore for several days in row with anything and everything, took a warm bath on cold, cold day and received a fun package in the mail from the land down […]

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For my birthday–six months ago–I bought myself a film camera with gift money from my aunt. A Nikon F100 to be exact. I had several friends who had been dabbling in film and it had been forever since I’d shot anything on film. I know more now about metering and exposure than when I was […]

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Then the Plague hit…

The last two weeks have been a blur, really. We had a lovely visit with PePa and MeMa, but during that time, the “snow days” came and the plague arrived at our house (not brought by them). Everyone (excpet Elise) got some kind of virus/cold that involved days and days of high fevers. Enzo and […]

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Playing Catch Up

I have lots of little glimpses into our life that I have yet to share. Be prepared, there are more coming! HA! She was playing “Frozen” (in case you wondered why she was in the fridge).

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