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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my little spot on the web. My name is Kim and I am hobbyist photographer in Austin, Texas. Yee-Haw!

I share my home with my husband, three crazy kids and one rescue dog. 

My photography mainly invloves my family, our friends and our life. I also have a passion for photographing animals. I volunteer my time photographing some of the dogs at my local county shelter--I love telling their story and showcasing their personalities to help them find their forever family. 

Monthly Archives: December 2013

The End

Today is not just the last day of 2013, but also the day I reach the finish line. I have completed my 365 Project. I have successfully taken an image every day for the last year. I started this project last year at the urging of my dear friend Heather. I had an aversion to […]

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Took the kids to see Frozen today–along with everyone else in the town. It was crowded. She’s been to the movies once before but I think she really liked this movie. She has already said she’d like to be Anna for Halloween–complete with the boots and earrings. I have a love-hate relationship with Disney. LOL!

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Fruits of Labor

admiring his lego work. He’s been busy.

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are overtaking our house. The kids were gifted TONS of Legos this year for Christmas and they are EVERYWHERE. Here is an early morning building session

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Portrait of Ranger

Just a portrait of Ranger today.

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Last year, we went ice skating when we were in Arizona for the holidays, the boys had so much fun that they wanted to go again this year. We had wanted to go last week, but with the plague invading our house, we didn’t make it. So, we went today. The difference in their abilities […]

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Merry Christmas!

It wouldn’t be a holiday in my home if someone wasn’t sick! This year, it was both Luca and Enzo. Thankfully by Christmas night they were both feeling better. This year we have the special treat of having PePa here. He hasn’t been with us here on an actual Christmas, ever. The kids think it’s […]

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Two Peas

These two have had a great time together the past two days. They are also both so excited for Christmas (despite the sarcastic look on Enzo’s face).

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I don’t have any and I am sure glad my kids do. The cousins are here and had a great time at the dinner table telling “secrets”.  

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Christmas Dog

so lovely to have a dog back in the house at Christmas time. I *might* even put the antlers on him. I know he would never pass for a deer like Rocket did.

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