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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my little spot on the web. My name is Kim and I am hobbyist photographer in Austin, Texas. Yee-Haw!

I share my home with my husband, three crazy kids and one rescue dog. 

My photography mainly invloves my family, our friends and our life. I also have a passion for photographing animals. I volunteer my time photographing some of the dogs at my local county shelter--I love telling their story and showcasing their personalities to help them find their forever family. 

Monthly Archives: February 2013

In Bloom

I love watching spring roll in. Took a shot of the same tree exactly one month ago. The progression is cool to see. I know my neighbors think I’m crazy. Maybe I should give them a copy of the image in case they saw me in their yard again with the stepladder.  

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These two

This afternoon, we had to take Luca up to the high school for a track event he’s participating in. While we were watching him, there was lots of sun, lens flare and haze going on. Fun for me but these two got pretty tired of me trying to take their picture pretty quick. she’s turning into such […]

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The Ride

It took an old keychain to remind me of something that we all need to hear–some days more than others.  This applies to me both about my journey in life and in my photography journey. Some days it’s two steps forward and then two steps back.

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Her Shadow

It appeared to me that she was staring at her own shadow. Kind of made me laugh.

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through my eyes

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Last year, Luca’s BFF (for lack of a better term) moved back to California. Luca misses him. Today, he got to face time with him when he called to wish him a happy birthday. They had a great time on the phone. They got to see how long each other’s hair had gotten, what their […]

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Watch Dog Day

Luca has been looking forward to this day ALL year long. The day Dan volunteers up at school as part of the Watch Dog program. He was so excited he picked out his clothes last night. He also made sure Dan knew where his special Watch Dog shirt was. He even brought his basketball so […]

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Boys’ Hideout

I’ve been working on recreating this image for a friend based on an image I had a few months back on Instagram. For whatever reason, my friend wanted a print. I’ve been trying hard to get it just right so I could gift them the print for their birthday which is soon. Not sure I’m […]

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A little bit of


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Redtip Photina

While pretty to photography, I am always asking Dan to trim these bushes in our front yard. They grow like weeds. And, they grow in this pattern, one little part grows taller and then the rest catch up. Dan likes to keep them taller, while I like them shorter. It’s a silent battle we have. […]

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