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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my little spot on the web. My name is Kim and I am hobbyist photographer in Austin, Texas. Yee-Haw!

I share my home with my husband, three crazy kids and one rescue dog. 

My photography mainly invloves my family, our friends and our life. I also have a passion for photographing animals. I volunteer my time photographing some of the dogs at my local county shelter--I love telling their story and showcasing their personalities to help them find their forever family. 

Monthly Archives: January 2013

Thursday Mornings

How we spend our Thursday mornings.

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Enzo helped me look for some dramatic light in the house. He cooperated for about 2.5 seconds and was on his way.

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Gratitude Revisted

Today while Luca was doing his homework, Enzo wrote in his Gratitude Journal. Today he wrote that he was grateful for Bonnie. Warms my heart they like her so much. Affirms my belief that animals are great for kids. 

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Early Spring

While chatting with my neighbor today, I noticed the pretty buds on his Bradford pear tree. He says it will be an early spring. I went back over with my step ladder and camera later on to take a picture of them. I’m sure he saw me and thought I was really losing my mind […]

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Digging out

from the plague that we have had for just over a week. In my nearly 2 1/2 years of parenting three kids, I’ve never had them and Mama sick all at the same time. So glad we are all feeling better. It was hard to get the camera out this week, but then to find […]

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Still sick

All three kids are STILL sick. We’ve been stuck inside since Friday. Starting to get cabin fever. Sigh. For a Christmas gift, Dan’s new company bought everyone an iPad Mini. Fun, right?! It’s even engraved with his name on the back, LOL!. Out of desperation, I let the littlest play PBS kids on it tonight. […]

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Only willing subject

The weather was beautiful this weekend. Bummer that all three kiddos are sick. She was the only willing subject. I love that you can see her body and tail in this image even though she wouldn’t look at the camera. When my lens focusses, it kind of scares her. LOL.

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I’ve always liked this weed thing I found on a walk. I like it’s color and how natural it looks. Not everyone will think it’s pretty. It’s been in my bathroom always intending to do something with it. But, like many projects in my life, it got pushed aside. Dan always asks me what I […]

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Sick Saturday

Perfectly fine on Friday. How he spent his entire day today. Poor dude.

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He doesn’t really like to look at the camera right now. If he does, he usually gives me a very fake looking smile. While playing outside, I got him. A real smile. It’s a cute one too!

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